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Lifting Ampules
Lifting Skin Complex Ampuled Serum 10pcs View

Lifting Complex Ampuled Serum 1/16 fl oz (2ml) 10 pcs

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Lifting Complex is a highly effective skin care concentrate that produces an immediate firming and lifting effect to the skin, as well as a longterm firming sensation. The effect is often apparent after a single application. It smooths small lines and wrinkles and provides the skin a fresh, natural look and velvety feel. It's hydrating and nurturing elements provide continuing skin care.

Lifting Complex: 

    • Provides instant lifting effect;

    • Reduces small lines and wrinkles;

    • Smooths, firms and strengthens the skin;

    • Leaves the skin fresh looking and velvety;

  • Moisturizes and provides nutrition.

Ingredients to lift the skin: 

    • Wheat germ proteins to tighten the skin and provide a lifting appearance.

    • Saccharides to provide a natural moisturizing effect.