Microcurrent Face Contour and Neck Massager

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SKIN CARE EXPERTS Collection presents our newest Microcurrent Face Massager with Titanium roller – one of the latest hi-end design trends in at-home nonsurgical face lifting.

Can you really have a face lift at home without actually going to the doctor office for painful facelift procedures? Home use Microcurrent Massager will prove that it is perfectly possible!

This device is specifically designed to work on the jaw-line and neck to return the face to its youthful V-shape.

With age, our muscles develop hypertension that pulls the skin into folds and gradually distorts the bone structure. This natural aging process is usually overlooked as we are concentrated on the skin surface, applying creams and serums, however the real problem lays deep within.


Face lift using Microcurrent works with facial muscles, relaxing them, smoothing deep lines and toning the muscles via micro vibrations.

The Microcurrent will stimulate new collagen production, lift the face and return the skin its youthful tone. The end results in each separate case will depend greatly on the original skin condition (skin aging), regular use, life habits and your dedication. Contact the seller for more information if you are not sure if this device will work for you.

Notable face lift and skin tightening benefits include:

-Safe low energy application that can be performed at home. Usually, no downtime or adverse skin reaction.
-Comfortable relaxing sensation, no pain or discomfort.
-Short treatment time of 10 min daily will bring noticeable results (with regular use).
-Chargeable, no tangling cords.

If you are looking for an at-home face lift device, it is time to invest in your skin care by purchasing this wonderful beauty tool.
IMPORTANT: keep in mind that stimulative treatments, including electrical treatments, are not for everyone. Check our informational page for the list of Electrotherapy contraindications or contact us for more information.

• STUNNING INNOVATIVE DESIGN of new micro current massager will satisfy the most fastidious beauty tool experts that are looking for a compromise between price and quality. For the cost of less than one medical facial you can have this great device that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

• NO CORDS and PLUGS: the microcurrent face massager is completely cordless. It uses the latest type of re-chargeable long lasting batteries. You will be impressed by the quality and performance of this beauty tool. Backed by a 1 year warranty.

• UTILIZES GUARANTEED EFFECTIVE MICROCURRENT TECHNOLOGY: non-invasive anti-aging natural face lift via an electric current delivered to the face. Proven to be effective in 86% cases to improve skin tone, remove fine lines and wrinkles.

• EXTRA FEATURES AVAILABLE: the rotating titanium massage balls will provide additional manual stimulation. 3 adjustable levels for rolling speed and microcurrent. Automatic Power Off timer of 10 minutes. The charging stand provides a full charge just in 2.5 hours. 120 minutes of battery use after full charge.