Red Light and Microcurrent Face Massager with Thermalift Function

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Microcurrent Facelift Device is just getting better!

    • Thermalift (110F) + Visible red light applied to the skin increases the production of collagen, therefore reducing the overall appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, giving the skin a healthier, more youthful look. As a skin aging treatment, this microcurrent device can be used daily.
    • Easy to use Microcurrent Facial intensity settings are 0.3-1.3mA DC (30Hz). Please remember that you cannot feel true microcurrent - it is different than medical "Microcurrent Therapy" that causes muscle contractions. This device specifically designed for facelift purposes. 

This portable microcurrent facial machine uses a low microcurrent to stimulate skin cells' ability to divide. The microcurrent is extremely low and very close to the cell's own electrical field. Tiny impulses work as natural anti-aging skincare. Microcurrent triggers the growth of the new cells, which fill the wrinkles from underneath, stimulates the collagen production, making the skin more elastic and young-looking.

Normally the microcurrent impulses are not felt and provide additional muscle relaxation and improve blood circulation in dermal tissues.

This microcurrent machine has also the red light-emitting surface with tiny 60 diode elements that produce powerful waves of RED light of 640 nano Meters.

Microcurrent Red Light for Hair Loss and Face Lift by Studio


Many people who started using their red lights to treat acne are also discovering another benefit to their therapy: the anti-aging property of visible red light. This is a result of the increased growth rate of skin cells (150 to 200 percent faster) when exposed to red light.