High Frequency Device Professional Grade with 10 Electrodes

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New Spa Professional Grade High Frequency Device

High Frequency is one of the oldest and well-known skincare devices in the beauty industry. It is present in every cosmetology practice or skincare salon. Now with New Spa High frequency, it is possible to perform a wide variety of skincare treatments at home.

What can high frequency do?

 tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles

Due to its stimulative effect the high frequency will help to maintain a wrinkle-free youthful look and reduce existing fine lines.

it controls acne

It would regulate sebum production and will help to normalize the skin. The small amount of the ozone produces during the treatment will help to inhibit bacterial growth and reduce pimples.

 it relaxes facial muscles

For those who are into facial yoga, this device can become a good companion to relax the muscles after exercises.

 reduces under-eye bags and puffiness

The cause of swelling and under the eye bags are often poor circulation and clottering of the lymphatic system. The high frequency will help to flush and re-start healthy circulation.

prevents and stops hairs loss

Poor circulation is also the cause of poor hair growth, thinning, and hair loss. Hair roots do not receive enough nutrients for healthy growth. It was proven that high-frequency helps to stimulate new hair to grow faster.

reduces the appearance of cellulite

As a part of the anti-cellulite program, high frequency can be an effective tool to remove the toxins and cellular waste after the fat cells are broken or flushed.


Power supply: US plug, 110V. Power consumption - 10W. Electrode count - 10pcs