High Frequency Device Professional Grade with 10 Electrodes

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New Spa Professional Grade High-Frequency Device

High Frequency is one of the oldest and most well-known skincare devices in the beauty industry. It is present in every cosmetology practice or skincare salon. Now with New Spa High frequency, it is possible to perform a wide variety of skin care treatments at home.

What can high frequency do?

- tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles

Due to its stimulative effect, the high frequency will help to maintain a wrinkle-free youthful look and reduce existing fine lines.

- it controls acne

It would regulate sebum production and will help to normalize the skin. The small amount of ozone produced during the treatment will help to clear the skin.

- it relaxes facial muscles

For those who are into facial yoga, this device can become a good companion to relax the muscles after exercise.

- reduces under-eye bags and puffiness

The cause of swelling and under-the-eye bags is often poor circulation and clottering of the lymphatic system. The high frequency will help to flush and restart healthy circulation.

- prevents and stops hairs loss

Poor circulation is also the cause of poor hair growth, thinning, and hair loss. Hair roots do not receive enough nutrients for healthy growth. It was proven that high-frequency helps to stimulate new hair to grow faster.

- reduces the appearance of cellulite

As a part of the anti-cellulite program, high frequency can be an effective tool to remove toxins and cellular waste after the fat cells are broken or flushed.

Power supply: US plug, 110V. Power consumption - 10W. Electrode count - 10pcs

Additional Info

High Frequency or D’Arsonval is an electrotherapy device that is used to improve different skin conditions. In the US it is used for cosmetic purposes to beautify the skin.

The working principle is to deliver a light static charge to the skin and actually to “wake it up” through stimulation.

It is similar to the shock from the spark discharge when we close the car doors, but it is constant and has a steady oscillation rate. The sparks are created between the glass surface of the electrode and the skin. The intensity of the sparks varies from “silent” that is not felt to weak impulses. The density of the current is concentrated on the top layer of the skin and where the stimulative effect occurs.

It makes a peripheral capillary system contract abruptly and then dilate, relaxing the capillaries and muscles and helping the blood to flow to the tissues.

There are some effects from the ozone that is produced by the high-frequency current, though the quantity of the ozone is exceedingly small.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
the best!

This product comes in two separate cases one has many useful heads, the other has a base: nice presentation and safe to storage. It came well packed and before I expected. Before purchase it I did some research and this item is well priced and has more options then the others high frequency facial devices.I will highly recommended the only thing I am missing is more information how all the heads may be use and on what level of strength. I am not professional. Overall great product and I love it. I am using it every week.

Spa Girl
Excellent device!

As a state board licensed esthetician, I have used several high frequency devices but none compare to this one! I have been seeing amazing results with both direct and indirect electrodes. This has more power and delivers better results than any previous HF device I have used. Love this tool and so do my clients!

Not worth it!

I would NOT recommend this product for numerous reasons:

1. Upon arrival, not all the attachment heads were working (I tested all of them in the dark, to make sure the Argon Gas was present, and 2 of them were not working)

2. I have used the "working heads" 3 x week, for 1 month & have not noticed a difference in Zit recduction or a decrease in my fine lines or wrinkles.

3. It's not the same intensity as the proffesional spa grade... When I get a professional facial my zits are "zapped" & are diminished immediately, but the New Spa Brand did not.

Kimberly lee

I have been shopping on Amazon for years, and rely on other customer reviews but I have to say- this is the first time I have ever written one of my own. I bought this device for myself for christmas- wanting to start the new year taking care of my skin. I have had laser treatments on my face and missed the tight pores and glowing skin I had after every treatment. I have had one facial YEARS ago and my esthetician used a device just like this. Smells just like the treatment and the shape of the attachments are the same as well. I wasn't expecting huge results after just ONE treatment. I seriously just used this on myself no more than 30 minutes ago for the first time and WOW- I can SEE a HUGE difference in my skin. I have large pores, acne scars, and starting to get the same wrinkle pattern on my forehead my dad has- and NO JOKE- they have been smoothed away in less than 7 minutes. It's not just a visual change, but I can feel it too. Amazing.

Since I have had the snapping pain of a laser on my face, this was VERY mild compared...I had it on the highest frequency and it just felt like static... not a big deal at all- perhaps this is why I saw such a dramatic change in my first attempt.

Love the carrying cases. The order arrived within 3 days of purchase- which was pretty impressive considering this is from a private seller. I can't wait to see more results and even use this on some of my friends. Worth every penny and happy I decided to splurge on myself:)

Celia Parham
love this high frequency unit!

this is a great product and i would highly recommend it for anyone who has issues with acne and wants their hair to grow faster and longer.