Eye Zone Microcurrent Lifting Kit

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• SIMPLE CONTROLS - you do not need to have any specific training to be able to use this microcurrent device.

• NO CORDS and PLUGS: the microcurrent eye massager is completely cordless. It two AAA batteries that are included in the set. This simple device is proved to be reliable and can be used basically anywhere.

• UTILIZES GUARANTEED EFFECTIVE MICROCURRENT TECHNOLOGY: non-invasive anti-aging natural face lift via an electric current delivered to the face. Proven to be effective in 86% cases to improve skin tone, remove fine lines and wrinkles.

• EXTRA ITEMS INCLUDED IN THE SET: conductive gel 30ml (needs to be washed off after the treatment); hydrating collagen eye mask, 5 patches; instructons.

• CONVENIENT OPERATION: 5 intensity settings for the face lift, easy to operate On/Off switch.



NEW SPA Eye Zone Microcurrent Lifting Kit – affordable, complete skin care solution! Perfect choice for those who just a beginners and not ready to invest $$$ in the skin care gadget.

Can you really have a face lift at home without actually going to the doctor office for painful facelift procedures? Home use Microcurrent Eye Massager will prove that it is perfectly possible!

Do you see your eyes losing their open youthful look, sagging eye lids and crow feet wrinkles every time you look into the mirror? Did you try the most expensive around the eyes creams with not visible results?
Do you feel like surgery is not for you or you can’t afford the down time? Microcurrent Eye Massager might be for you!

Face lift using Microcurrent is one of the most popular professional medical aesthetic treatments. Over the years it is proven to be effective and is used by every beauty salon.
The Microcurrent will stimulate new collagen production, lift the face and return the skin its youthful tone. The end result in each separate case will depend greatly on the original skin condition (skin aging), regular use, life habits and your dedication. Contact the seller for more information if you are not sure if this device will work for you.

Notable benefits of this microcurrent home use kit include:

-Safe low energy application that can be performed at home. Usually, no downtime or adverse skin reaction.
-Comfortable relaxing sensation, no pain or discomfort.
-Short treatment time of 10 min daily will bring noticeable results (with regular use).
-Battery operated, no tangling cords.

If you are looking for an at-home face lift device, it is time to invest in your skin care by purchasing this affordable beauty tool.
IMPORTANT: keep in mind that stimulative treatments, including electrical treatments, are not for everyone. Check our informational page for the list of Electrotherapy contraindications or contact us for more information.