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Q. What is a microcurrent massage?

Actually it is not a massage at all. There is no “massage” movements that we used to: no tapping, clapping or percussive strokes. The massage part does not produce any mechanical movements.

Instead, very low current is being delivered to the skin and conducted though, creating a specific electrical field.


Microcurrent Face Lift


Q. How does microcurrent massage work?

A. Microcurrent is often called face lift current or bio-current. It works in three directions. Firstly it stimulates our skin cells, which are very sensitive to this type of current. The cell, exposed to microcurrent, starts to work in “younger” mode. It reproduces quicker. The new cells are got pushed to the surface of the skin, filling wrinkles from underneath.

The other benefit of a micro-current is the improvement of a muscle tone. The current delivers tiny impulses that cause muscle micro contractions, followed by micro relaxations. This unique effect makes facial muscles to tighten up without exhausting them. After microcurrent treatment your face would look lifted, fresh and toned.

And finally, microcurrent has simulative effect on our circulatory system. It stimulates the capillary and lymphatic systems, increasing oxygenation and de-toxication of the skin.


Q. Will microcurrent work for everyone?

A. As every treatment, microcurrent face lift may work better for one person and have almost no effect for another. In general it will work for everybody, but the result will depend on the consistency of the massage and your skin conditions.


Q. Is it safe?

A. Microcurrent is a safe procedure almost for everyone. However general contra-indications for electrotherapy treatments should be taken into consideration. Read more about contraindications.


Q. Should I feel anything during the massage?

A. When moving the probes constantly, average person would not feel anything. If your skin is dry, your sensitivity is lower. Some people have high sensitivity to electrical current on a face area and they may feel the current as tiny electrical “bites”.


Q. I purchased Microcurrent Eye massager. When I turn it on it does nothing. The small green light does not stay on steady and blinks all the time. Is my device defective?

A. No, your microcurrent device is not defective. The current, delivered to the probes, has a wave form. That is why the green light is blinking – indicating the current going up and down. The current is invisible and there is no physical sign of its being transmitted. If you have a sensitive electrical tester that operates in mili-amperage range you can test the microcurrent massager using the tester.


Q. How to adjust the intensity for Microcurrent Eye Massager? I can see the marks H-L on the face plate but when I turn the wheel all way down, the current is too strong.

A. The intensity levels are marked on the opposite side of an intensity wheel, located on the right side of the device, and can be seen through the small window on the face plate. When you turn the wheel down, the numbers increase as seen through that window: from 1 to 5. When you turn the wheel up the numbers change from 5 to 1, decreasing the intensity.

The markings H-L corresponds with the direction the number’s change shown in the window, not with the direction to which you turn the wheel. So if you do not refer to those, turning the wheel down increases the intensity instead of decreasing it. Turning it all down you will see the intensity level #5 through the window – the highest setting.


Q. What is the best product to be used with microcurrent massager?

A. There are few products that could be used with microcurrent. It can be a conductive lotion (used alone or mixed with cosmetic concentrate for better result). You can also use water-based serum, aloe Vera gel or just wet your skin with water.


Q. What is a conductive lotion? Is it a cosmetic cream?

A. Conductive lotion is not real cosmetic. Your skin will not benefit from it as when using a regular cream. It is specifically formulated to serve as electrical current medium to increase skin conductivity. The conductive lotion (even mixed with serums) should be washed off your skin after the treatment.


Q. Can I use my favorite cream?

A. Oil based creams are too heavy and does not provide good conductivity. But if you are one of those sensitive persons who can feel slightest electrical impulse, you may opt to use the cream to decrease the current.


Q. How quick will I see the results?

A. You will notice temporarily improvement after the first treatment, due to the simulative effect of microcurrent. The true results will start to show in 28 days – this the time required for cells to finish their full cycle.

The muscle toning effect will be noticeable after 8-16 full treatments. It is pretty much the same as going to the gym – two or three visits will not go you much good. Only regular exercises will bring a desirable effect.


Q. How often should I use the microcurrent device?

A. You can use the device every other day up to 8 weeks. After that, one weekly treatment should be enough.


Q. I purchased Microcurrent Eye Massager. Can I use it on the entire face?

You may use the device on the entire face. The only one thing to take into consideration – the device can only be used for 15 min. Portable devices does not have an effective cooling system, thus have limited use time. The best way to cover all face is to divide it by smaller zones: neck, chin+lower jaw+upper lip, cheeks+nose, forehead+temples, – and perform the massage for 15 min moving from one zone to another day by day. This way you will cover all area. Each zone needs to be treated 8-16 consecutive times. After this, one weekly supportive 15 min treatment over the whole face will be enough. You also may stop the treatments for a few months (3-6) and repeat “zone by zone” sessions again.


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