Aging -

Test your skin! When it is time to start investing into BETTER SKIN.

We got rewarded with much better skin than our contemporaries when we live healthily and take care of ourselves.

Our biological age may differ from our actual age in either direction.


Sun exposure, pollution, and environmental conditions can affect our skin big time. Also, at about age 45, we undergo other significant changes that affect our skin, and those shows!


Perform a super-easy skin elasticity test to evaluate your actual biological age. See if there is any premature aging that needs attention.

Pinch the skin on the back of your hand and hold for about five seconds (count 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005), and let it go. Observe how long it would take for the skin to flatten back!


1-2 seconds – the actual age of your skin is under 30

3-4 seconds – the age of your skin is 30-44

5-9 seconds – the age of your skin is 45-50

10-15 seconds – the age of your skin is 60 and over.


You can test the skin in different areas to evaluate your biological aging!


If your skin elasticity is not as it used to be, or the results show your true age older than your actual age, make sure you take the necessary steps to restore your skin elasticity.

  • start wearing sunscreen
  • decrease sugar intake – it contributes a lot to the skin aging
  • quit smoking
  • stop eating processed foods, especially meats
  • relax
  • make sure you have a good night sleep
  • start taking food supplements that improve your skin
  • consider a series of facials like dermabrasion, microcurrent, or SMAS lifting to boost collagen
  • develop the anti-aging skincare routine you will follow the rest of your life.


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