Vitamin D in skincare? The winter special item

Vitamin D in skincare? The winter special item

We know what is the easiest way to supply vitamin D to our skin - it's sunlight. It is a great supplier during for summer months, but in the wintertime, the Vitamin C level can drop. The body will be in a short supply and it will cut all unnecessary spending, ignoring the skin as the least important.

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It does not sound like a big deal until we look deeper and learn the role of vitamin D in the skin cells' metabolism. You probably noticed that light suntan gives your skin a nice healthy glow. The skin feels tighter and looks younger.

That is because the body has received enough Vit D so that it is able to supply it to the skin once again, stimulating the peptide cathelicidin LL-35. This is the peptide that is responsible for the stimulation of cell regeneration.

Vitamin D3 creamVitamin D is also a multitask antimicrobial peptide - it helps to keep the skin clean and free of inflammation. There is a misconception that Vitamin D does not affect the skin's complexion.

The pre-cursor of Vitamin D is created in the skin under the influence of UV radiation, then metabolizes and re-distributes between all organs, including the skin.

The vitamin D synthesis process is three times slower when we age which causes serious deficiency.

That is why it is so important to deliver vitamin D from external sources in the form of skincare products and supplements.

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