Far-Infrared Slimming Suit. Anti Cellulite and Weight Loss Body Wrap

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BACKORDERED November 21st 2022

    • The slimming suit is a heating body wrap designed to warm up the tissues and accelerate circulation, to aid in increasing metabolism and relaxation. Can be used as a part of an anti-cellulite treatment and weight loss program.
    • Features regulated temperature of 86-140F (30-60C), waterproof inner fabric that is easy to clean, and strong ceramic heating wires embedded into the inner layer of the suit. Not for commercial use. Power supply: 110V, US Plug.
    • Before purchase, please make sure the size of the suit is the right one for you. Refer to the last image in our picture gallery: length of the suit - 56in, girth in the middle (waist) - 45in, width in shoulders + sleeve length - 50in, girth upper arm portion - 16in, the girth of a lower arm portion - 12in, the girth of the upper leg portion - 24 in, the girth of the lower leg portion - 16in, leg's length - 27in.
  • NOTE: the suit is not activewear - it is a body wrap, designed for the treatment session when the client is resting in a horizontal position.