Collagen Eye Mask

Choose an eye mask to help with puffy eyes, under the eye circles, and to reduce the wrinkles in the crow feet area

Micronized Collagen

collagen eye mask

$24/30 days supply / FREE Shipping

  • Enhances dry and damaged skin
  • Supplies Moisture and Nutrients
  • Keeps skin hydrated
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Beta Glucan/Seaweed

collagen eye mask

$24/30 days supply / FREE Shipping

  • Locks the moisture within the skin
  • High in minerals and vitamins
  • Reduces puffiness
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Magnolia/Witch Hazel

collagen eye mask

$24/30 days supply / FREE Shipping

  • Hydrates and protects the skin
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Calms irritation and redness
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Gold and Black Caviar

collagen eye mask

$28/30 days supply / FREE Shipping

  • Anti Aging and Anti Oxidant
  • Restores hydration of the skin
  • Bio-active nutrients
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What are collagen eye masks?

The under-eye patch is a hydrogel that has high water content. It acts as a one-way delivery system for the active ingredients to the skin.

Traditional face masks are usually cream-like, thick substances to clean off the face after use. When they work well on the skin, those masks are not suitable for delicate under the eye area, as the product may go into the eye and cause irritation. Hydrogel is a mess-free, easy-to-use eye mask.

Hydrogel keeps the moisture within its gel-like structure. It creates a bond with the skin, sharing its active ingredients more effectively, dissolving its content into the skin slowly, and leaving only a thin film when drying.

The best quality hydrogel eye mask should dissolve in the warm water almost entirely within 10-15 minutes.

Under eye mask
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collagen under eye mask

Moisturizers and Humectants

Hydrogel, the collagen eye mask is made of, is an excellent moisture delivery agent. It is infused with different types of hydrating substances, like Hyaluronic Acid, Theralose, Glyceryl Glicoside - all of them contributing to skin hydration on different levels.

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A collagen eye patch supplies the skin with nutrients that are essential for its health. Active nano-gold particles are anti-aging stimulants. Fullerene spheres that are part of "Caviar" under eye patch are the next generation of free radical scavengers that protect the skin.

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Plant Extracts

Plant Extracts. Bio-active ingredients, derived from plants are also added to the under-eye mask formula. Those are well-known astringents, dark circles, and puffiness reducers, like Which Hazel, Magnolia Leaf Extract, Irish Moss Extract.

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