Portable Facial Nano Steamer with Negative Ion Function

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What is Nano Steam? Nano Steam is a finest mist of water particles that are as small as 1 nanometer. 1 millimeter consists 1 million nano particles. Regular steam particles are usually too large to penetrate deep into the skin. They condense on the surface and moisturize only upper layer of the skin as the diameter of the steam particle is about 8000nm. In addition, the steam is enriched with negative ions, that has anti-bacterial and immune stimulating effect.

Specs: 5V/350mA
Plug: USB
Battery: Polymer lithium
Power : 1.5W
Water tank: 40ml
Aerosol output: 1.2-1.8ml/min
Particle size: 0.25micro m


Facial steamer is a great tool if your goal is a clear and healthy skin. This model, that produces extra-fine steam, cleanses skin naturally and works as facial moisturizer at the same time. Nano-steam particles reach deeper into epidermis comparing to regular steam particles. Nano Facial steamer is the best skin sauna, as the steam is beneficial for acne prone skin.