Skin Care Experts Personal Microcurrent Face Lifting Device

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  • Get the youthful glow that you deserve with this effective skin care tool.

  • Keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay with regular use.

  • Enhance your complexion and delay aging with this powerful procedure.

  • Simple to use and fits into your daily routine seamlessly.

Skin Care Experts Microcurrent Face Lift is an excellent at-home skincare tool:

  • Microcurrent is the best known non-surgical facelift treatment - painless, effective, user friendly, and simple!
  • Try our new sleek model with large dual facial probes - 15-20 min per day will bring you amazing salon-like results.
  • The effect of microcurrent is cumulative - the longer you use it, the better is the effect.
    Microcurrent works both on stimulating skin cells and restoring the tone of facial muscles.
  • The device works cordless from rechargeable batteries, which makes it extremely convenient for home use. The inbuilt timer will automatically shut off the power in 10min.

Lithium Batteries


Full charge in 6 hours


Ergonomic Design


5 Intensity Levels


20 min timer


Suitable for all genders


Skin Care Experts Microcurrent Facelift

The microcurrent becomes extremely popular the moment it was introduced in the beauty industry. Second to none in stimulating basal cells to grow - the cells that form our skin, epidermis.

It basically lifts the wrinkles from underneath, filling the wrinkle pit with new growing cells. It is important to understand that the results will not show at once - it takes at least 28 days for the new cells to grow.

Visible results may show later if the wrinkle is deep. Microcurrent also is called face-lift, as it is known to strengthen facial muscles. It will improve the contour of the face and will help with such issues as deep nasolabial folds and "turkey neck".

Patience is required in treating these skin conditions with microcurrents.