Cotton Filter for Diamond Microdermabrasion

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    • air vacuum filters;
    • suitable for diamond dermabrasion machines;
    • cotton.
The filters come in different sizes:

10mm and 12 mm filters are used in diamond microdermabrasion wand;

16mm and 18mm filters are used in vacuum output.

6mm filter is used for the handheld dermabrasion model.

To determine the suitable size of filter you need, measure the opening of the treatment wand on the end where the tip is attached. Wands from different manufacturers may have slightly different diameters of opening.

To determine the suitable size of filter you need for the vacuum output, measure the diameter of the vacuum knob.

Customer Reviews

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Betty Kasper
Great company, quality products.

I recently needed to reorder 12m cotton filters for my microdermabrasion diamond machine. I had a question for customer service and they were so responsive and professional. Great customer service! I received my product on time as described. Will reorder again, thank you!