Dry Shampoo Bar Organic Cinnamon

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Organic Cinnamon


dry shampoo

Natural Ingredients

Olive and Coconut oils to nourish hair. Cinnamon extract, clove oil, rosemary extract, menthol, sorbitol, sucrose, jojoba oil, grape seel oil.

dry shampoo

Restores Hair

Dry Shampoo bar makes hair soft, bouncy, and full of life. Organic oils lock the moisture within the hair and help to reduce split ends.

dry shampoo foam

Luxury Foam

The shampoo bar lathers up quickly, foams almost immediately with rich pampering bubbles. It takes only a couple of passes over the hair to start.

dry shampoo fragrance


Rich cinnamon fragrance mixes with rosemary and adds a sweet and spicy-hot aroma to the hair. Cinnamon is one of the coziest scents that work for both genders.

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