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Oxygenating Ampule
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Oxygenating Complex Ampuled Serum 1/16 fl oz (2ml) 10 pcs

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The Oxygenating Complex restores epidermal energy reserves to meet the permanent needs of the epidermis and increase the epidermal energetic load in order to prevent exceptional needs. The Oxygenating Complex is a reinforcing agent for the capacity of epidermal defense and repair. It is an anti-stress agent for various skin aggressions, such as micro-traumatisms, irradiations, thermal variations, and pollution, particular to the epidermis. To achieve an overall improvement in microrelief, the Oxygenating Complex increases substantive hydro-regulating (re-moisturizing) and softening effects, and supplies an emollient to cutaneous superficial layers.


Special ingredients to calm, repair and re-hydrate:

    • Phytokine is produced by the bacterial fermentation of soy protein by a strain of Lactobacillus plantarum;

    • Biosaccharides LS/HG is highly purified Glycogen powder of marine origin, extracted from mussels;

    • Glycogen is a Polysaccharide, an essential bio-energetic agent for the living cells of the skin.

Applies to the care of skin which is lacking in energy, tired, devitalized and stressed; skin with a weakened potential of cell defense and repair; dry, rough skins with a lack of softness.