Oligo Complex Ampuled Serum 1/16 fl oz (2ml) 10 pcs

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Plant-based active ingredients derived from algae and hardy arctic plants are the latest trends in cosmetology. This ampule consists high concentration of Codium tomentosum extract – the species of green seaweed also called Velvet Horn. It has a unique property to stay moist even when exposed by the tide due to the presence of highly sulfated polysaccharides and “osmotic” molecules in the cytoplasm.

It is a true ocean treasure that contains not only vital trace elements, but also important for metabolic processes of the skin.

The ampule content can be used in different treatments:

  • as a conductive serum during electrotherapy (galvanic, microcurrent, high frequency)
  • as mesotherapy serum during micro-needling to penetrate deeper into the skin
  • as a booster, applied prior to alginate or other types of facial masks
  • as an additive to daily creams and lotions (only a few drops needed)