Skin Scrubber Mini NEW SPA Gentle Peel Dermabrasion Black

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  • The skin scrubber or scrubber spatula is a type of microdermabrasion that uses vibrations of a stainless steel blade to exfoliate the skin. A skin spatula is a perfect tool to remove pore blockages, to clean oily skin, especially areas that are prone to blackheads - nose, chin, forehead.
  • It is best to be used after vaporization - steam sauna or the application of a hot towel to make sure the surface of the skin is softened. If used regularly, the skin scrubber will provide gentle peel effect and will improve overall skin condition.
  • Exfoliation with skin scrubber is a very comfortable procedure and does not take more than 5-7 min.

      • large spatula - easy to use