Diamond Microdermabrasion Table Top Machine NEW SPA Professional

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Powerful 25inHG Professional Microdermabrasion Machine is a perfect choice for a professional use. Reliable vacuum pump and the motor will ensure its effective use in skin care salon.

Comes with 12 months warranty.

Professional Microdermabrasion Machine comes with 18 pcs of treatment tips and 4 wands. Double vacuum treatment tips can be used for vacuum massage as well.


The main features of professional microdermabrasion machine:


- Prevents or reduces early wrinkle formation (diamond dermabrasion treatment helps to slow down the thickening of the skin);

- Lightens the skin (diamond dermabrasion helps to remove or lessen the pigmented top layer);

- Prepares the skin for the cosmetics absorption (diamond dermabrasion will increase skin permeability);

- Lessens and removes superficial scars and imperfections (diamond dermabrasion will stimulate skin regeneration).

Attention international customers: this device is 110V with US plug and would require a power transformer of 2kW.