Leaf Nose Glass Electrode Argon 11.00mm

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Leaf Nose mushroom electrode, filled with Argon Gas (glowing violet).
Base diameter 11.00mm fits NEW SPA Home Use Device and NEW SPA Professional Grade Device.

WARNING:  "FRAGILE"  Please read carefully.

Laceration Hazard:  Contains glass.  A broken electrode may result in sharp jagged edges which can cause injury.
Inserting and removing electrodes:  Do not use excessive force or pressure.  Grasp electrode approx. 2 inches above metal tip when inserting or removing electrode.  For extra protection, the use of a leather glove or thick cloth may be used to wrap the electrode when handling. 
Always inspect electrodes for cracks before and after use. 
Discard electrode if there are any signs of damage, e.g., cracking or chipping.