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A Microneedle Roller with 192 count Disk NeedlesLaser Cut high precision needlesDisk Needles reduce the hazard of the needle being pulled out of the drum if accidentally caught on somethingDurable plastic handle with ergonomic design

The Microneedle Roller is a useful handheld tool that can be incorporated into any anti-aging skincare routineIt is suitable to smooth wrinkles at any ageCan be used to tighten the skin on the face, neck, chest, and other body areasHelps to improve complexion, give the skin a radiant, youthful lookTo correct stressed, atonic skinto lift the face contour and diminish the second chinTo fight scars and post-acne pitsto prevent dark spots or age spots and give the skin an even toneto normalize oil production and reduce poresit can be used by both sexes


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We will be talking about scientific background of the derma roller, who invented it, what were the first discoveries and much more.

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How the roller can be suitable for various stimulating treatments, inlcuding facial skin, hair restoration, stretchmarks.

What our customers say

I have had scars on my face for 20 years and deep lines between my eyebrows for 10 years. I've tried acid peels, retinol, dermabrasion, castor oil, scar creams and patches, Frownies, many many things. Most of these did reduce finer lines at least temporarily. But only the 1.5mm dermaroller has really made a difference on my deeper lines and scars. I've had this about 2 months and use it 2-3 times/week, followed by copper peptide super serum. (I've also used the copper peptided alone with no effect.)

By Ganesh in Grennery - Published on Amazon.com

This thing works great - I have (had) two grand canyon sized furrows on my brow forever. Never expected improvement on them. BUT the bottom one is 75% gone and the top is beginning to lighten. Cannot believe it. Acne scars starting to show improvement as well.

By Sothis - Published on Amazon.com

This morning when I woke up my face was shiny but not greasy. I went and STARED CLOSELY at my forehead and to my surprise one of the fine wrinkles on my forehead had ALMOST COMPLETELY disappeared while the other ones were also less visible. My face feels tighter and plumper in a way. My cheeks are still a little pink, but it mostly looks like I am blushing. My face still feels sensitive this afternoon after nearly 15 hours of completing the treatment. I will wait 2 days before doing it again. I am EXCITED to see the results as time goes on...

By Miss Diaz - Published on Amazon.com