About Us

Who we are and what is our vision of skin care.

SHOPNEWSPA is dedicated to bringing effective, user-friendly devices to private consumers and businesses alike. We offer a wide range of cosmetic anti-ageing products for home and salon use, and provide attentive, personalized customer service.


We understand the importance of clear, healthy looking skin, and strive to bring the latest in quality skin care technology to our customers at affordable prices. SHOPNEWSPA is constantly upgrading its stock with the latest advancements from around the world to ensure our customers get the easiest, most effective skin-treatment experience available, and proudly offer the best skin-care products available on the market.
Our team of experienced, highly trained customer service representatives works full time to answer your questions and provide you with any information you may need and ensuring full satisfaction with our products and services.
We love our skin care gadgets and are happy to share our experiences, great results and new discoveries in the world of beauty devices!


Everyone deserves the extra attention and beauty treatment necessary for sustaining a natural glow and freshness.
Get the chance to enjoy a professional beauty treatment at home with amazingly effective beauty tools from Shop New Spa. With regular use, you will enjoy looking radiant, young and fresh without heading to expensive beauty salons!
Bringing beauty to your household, we offer a variety of beauty tools for anti-aging, reduction of fine lines on the face, glowing skin, as well as creams to improve your complexion and much more. Our products have been skillfully manufactured, curtailing the latest technologies for sustainable results.
The method of electrostimulation is employed in the beauty industry to obtain positive results. Our store is not just a spa but an online platform for purchasing effective beauty products. From Microneedle Rollers to Microcurrent Devices, we have a variety of beauty tools which will make your skin appealing and fresh. We believe in the provision of beauty treatments that are sustainable with regular use and easy to implement. There’s no compromise on beauty for us! Your skin is your representation of beauty and it needs to be taken care of. Get rid of those extra wrinkles which contribute to aging and start looking younger right now with our exceptionally impactful beauty devices!


Our store sells unique beauty products which are tested prior to their sale. We know the modern women of today are not afraid of testing something new if it grants them positive results. Take a leap of faith with our beauty tools and you will never feel compromised! Preserving your beauty like a pearl, we are completely dedicated to your beautification!