Winter Skincare

Winter Skincare

Do not miss the cold season to start the renovation of your skin - colder air and less sun are the perfect conditions. Winter is the busiest season for cosmetology. It is time for dermabrasion and any other peeling procedures to build up glowing skin. Follow up with a whitening treatment to achieve even color, getting rid of dark spots and excessive melanin.

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If you haven't thought about planning your winter skincare schedule yet, it is a good time to start. We chose the most effective and DIY- friendly beauty products that will bring you the best results.

Start with Exfoliation

We suggest combining chemical and ultrasound exfoliation - the chemical peel will soften and dissolve the dead top skin layer and an ultrasound spatula will completely remove this residue. If you are suffering from blackheads on the nose and chin area, add a pore cleansing strip to your treatment.

Glycolic Peel at HomeThe Glycolic Peel is one of the most popular and effective chemical peels. It dissolves the top layer of the skin turning it into an easily removable paste. 

It required a neutralizer - an alkaline solution - to stop the chemical process. Simply apply the peel, wait 2-3 minutes and then apply the neutralizer. Voila! Your skin is soft and wonderfully clean. 

Pros: time-saving, easy to use and can be done basically anywhere.

Cons: attention should be paid not to exceed the exposure time of 3 minutes, can't be used over open pimples, cuts or bruises (the acid will easily penetrate into the opening in the skin and cause irritation).

Sells for $18


Sonic Spatula for Home

A sonic spatula is an electric tool to "scape" the skin to remove all debris and dead skin cells.

But it is not all. As it uses ultrasound vibrations, it creates a negative pressure wave in front of the spatula. It works like a vacuum cleaner and pushes the content of pores out. That is why the ultrasound spatula or scrubber is one of the best tools to reduce the size of pores

Pros: effective, has a sanitizing effect on the skin, can be used on pimples without fear to infect them, cordless

Cons: requires to be charged.

Sells for $32

Azelaic Acid for Home

An Azelaic Acid is a relatively new component in skincare. 

It protects the skin from sun damage, blocking the activity of melanin. It is especially valuable after any peeling procedure as the skin sensitive to the sun. 

Pros: easy to apply, requires a small amount. It can be combined with sunscreen or other cosmetics and makeup.

Cons: every topical product should be tested for individual intolerance (allergy test).

Sells for $19

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