Health disorder or natural appearance ? 

​Dimpled skin on the thighs did not bother women up until the mid 20th century, when in 1968 "Vogue" magazine introduced the new word to the public.

Then all of a sudden everybody discovered themselves affected by this new and fashionable predicament and started to look for a cure.

No cure was found and there is no way to find one because cellulite is not a disease.

It is a part of women's natural physique. It has to do with the shape of the subdermal fat cells. Each cell sits in its own "pocket" created by connective tissue. There is a whole layer of such "pockets" called the hypoderm.

Our hypoderm looks just like a pocket sprung mattress! There is nothing that can be done about it. 

picture of the sprung matress to illustrate cellulite

Why do men not have cellulite?

The opposite sex has a different type of hypoderm. It is as simple as that.

Men's hypoderm does not have vertical pockets -  their fat cells are aligned like a lattice

It does not mean that they do not have bumpy skin at all. But because of the way their fat cells are nested men's skin never gets that "cottage cheese" look. 

Besides, men also have much thicker skin -- literally. Last, but not least: their strategic fat deposits are placed one floor up, at the belly and torso.

100% of post-puberty females experienced one of the types of cellulite or will in the future, regardless of weight.
Picture of the Ruben's painting to illustrate cellulite

How to deal with your cellulite?

​First of all, we need to accept the fact that cellulite is natural. It may not be desired, but it is a gift from Mother Nature - and she does not give them without meaning.

Cellulite is extra storage for calories and an evolutionary advantage. For millennia, famine was a common inevitable event. Female bodies learned how to put any available extra calorie aside and store it securely.

When fat cells get fuller, they push up against the skin, while the connective tissue pulls them down, just like a tuft in a cushion.

You lose weight - cellulite fades away, you gain - it pops up again. So the only way to remove cellulite is to remove extra fat cells.

Take a peek at cellulite in action 

Check out this awesome animation from Skin Deep Laser MD that illustrates how fat cells grow

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