Smart Photofacial Silicone Mask with 3 Lights

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This unique skin care tool was developed using amazing advanced technologies that will help to maintain healthy, smooth, young looking skin.

The device has three Photon options to change lights.

The device works cordless from a rechargeable batteries, which makes it extremely convenient for a home use. Inbuilt timer will automatically shut off the power in 10min.


To achieve permanent results use as directed twice a day for 10 min 3 months. The result will depend on the original skin conditions - some people will see faster results, when for others it will require more time and efforts. Remember that some skin conditions are extremely hard to treat with physiotherapy (like sagging skin, deep nasolabial folds) - there will be some improvement but the problem will not be eliminated completely. The operation techniques: The treatment should be performed in a daylight or moderate artificial light. The optimal is the room with subdued light which allows to see the photo contrast on the treated zone. The probe surface should be sanitized before the treatment. Clean the treated area with cosmetic cleanser and dry it with the facial tissue.

Contra-indications for the phototherapy treatment:

Congested blood circulation (it is always recommended to perform some stimulating tissue massage before the treatment);


Nephritic insufficiency;


Photo dermatitis;

Photo ophthalmia;

Fever heat.