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Micro Needle Stamp
Microneedle Stamp "Diamond" Model
Microneedle Stamp "Diamond" Model
Micro Needle Stamp Close View
Microneedle Stamp "Diamond" Model
Microneedle Stamp "Diamond" Model
Microneedle Roller Sizes

Microneedle Stamp "Diamond" Model

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The stamp is an ideal tool to treat small areas such as scars. The small working surface allows the precise targeting of the area that needs to be treated. The derma stamp makes the process of removing scars simple and almost painless. All you need to do is stamp the scar about twenty times with the sterilized stamp, which only takes a few minutes. After 4-6 weeks you stamp again, and possibly a third time, 4-6 weeks after that. Generally two treatments are enough. The stamp lasts for 5-15 treatments depending on how large the area that needs to be treated is.


The Microneedle Stamp features:

    • 6x6 rows of 36 ultra-thin stainless steel;
    • 100 square mm (05⁄32in²) treatment surface;
    • Clear plastic handle;
    • Protective cup for a stamp head;
    • Clear Plexiglas storage case;
    • Comes sealed, sterilized.
Choose the stamp size according to your needs and skin type. It is best to be used with professional skin care concentrates to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.  It is good for improvement in overall skin complexion, the elimination of wrinkles, and face rejuvenation.