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Diamond Microdermabrasion Delux Skin Care Kit

Diamond Microdermabrasion Delux Skin Care Kit

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Why dermabrasion is so important in skin care?


The skin is thickening with age giving the face dull, tired look. When young the skin normally consists of 5-6 layers of epidermis cells - the very top so called "horny" cells. They are dried out cells that create our skin protective layer.

As we age the number of layers increases to 7-8. Dermabrasion helps to remove of these extra layers and reveal smoother more glowing skin. Diamond dermabrasion is considered the safest for a home use because it uses diamond chip covered heads rather than crystals. Diamond dermabrasion removes dead cell layers while massaging the face gently vacuuming debris away, erasing fine lines and skin imperfections.




Reward your skin with our complete Microdermabrasion "Turnkey" Kit

With NEW SPA Home Microdermabrasion Kit you become your own skin care professional at home. Use your magic Diamond Microdermabrasion Wand to reveal new, youthful YOU!
Easy to use, with results comparable to "in salon" treatments, but much more affordable, NEW SPA Microdermabrasion will make your skin complexion smoother and wrinkle free. And do microdermabrasion at home is fun!
Helps to lessen/remove superficial scars and imperfections, Home use device with up to 16" Hg suction.

Diamond dermabrasion is good for those who want to:

- Prevent or reduce early wrinkle formation (diamond dermabrasion treatment helps to slow down the thickening of the skin);

- Lighten the skin (diamond dermabrasion helps to remove or lessen the pigmented top layer);

- Prepare the skin for the cosmetics absorption (diamond dermabrasion will increase skin permeability);

- Lessen and remove superficial scars and imperfections (diamond dermabrasion will stimulate skin regeneration).
The kit includes: MD unit, a set of 2 wands and 9 diamond tips, a silicone hose, 16 and 10 mm filters, replacement "O" rings, NEW SPA cosmetic headband, Syphate free facial cleaner, after-treatment DMAE Serum, Manual. FDA listed.