Rotary Electric Face and Body Cleansing Brush with 4 Attachments

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High speed waterproof facial brush is an excellent tool to exfoliate your face and keep the skin clean and glowing.

Gentle bristles remove skin debris and dead cells revealing new polished surface and increasing the absorption of cosmetics.

It is ideal for use during the shower as a part of skin care routine.

Facial Cleansing Brush comes with 4 attachments - face brush exfoliator, body brush exfoliator, sponge applicator and pumice sphere.

Works from 4 AA batteries (not included).


Now cleansing brush is available for affordable price to help you in your everyday skin care routine. Gentle rotations of soft bristles remove dead cells and smooth the skin, clean pores and stimulates micro-circulation.

Face Brush is good for the home use to improve your skin conditions.

Each time you use:

Wet the brush attachment and apply a drop of cleansing foam;

Make sure that brush tip attached securely to the device;

Clean the face with a circular motions, rinse and apply the moisturizer.