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Blackhead removal strip
blackhead removal

Skin Care Experts Perle de Beauté Clear Skin Blackhead Removal Strip, 5 pairs

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Blackhead removal strip active ingredients slowly permeate into the pore, dissolve the blockages, calm and disinfect the skin: Purified water, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Bamboo Charcoal, Witch Hazel, Glycolic Acid, Allantoin, Xantan Gum Essence.

When removed, it extracts the pore sebum content.

How to use: Open sealed blister-pack and apply the patch to cleaned and moisten skin. Make sure the skin is wet for the strip to stick. Peel off in 15 min. If the strip dried out, wet its surface for easy removal.Remove the patch peeling it carefully long wise.

Apply daily for permanent effect. Protect the skin with the moisturizer after application.

      The Blackhead removal strip is a combination of effective ingredients that would help to manage large pores, blackheads and sebum build ups.

Bamboo charcoal used in a patch binds to the dirt in a pore and pulls it out when the patch removed. Glycolic acid dissolves dead cell's build up in the pore and eases up the extraction process. Allantoin has soothing and moisturizing effect, prevents irritation.