Dermaroller for Home Use

Choose best at-home microneedle skincare tool. Carefully designed for effective DIY dermarolling. The kit includes complete use instructions.

0.5 mm Derma Roller

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  • Short 0.5 mm needles for sensitive skin
  • Suitable for skin that lost its elasticity
  • Helps to eliminate fine lines
  • Free E-book included
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1 mm Derma Roller

1 mm derma roller micro needle


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  • Medium 1 mm needles for normal skin
  • To treat deeper wrinkles and frown lines
  • Improves serums penetration
  • Free E-book included
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1.5 mm Derma Roller

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  • Long 1.5 mm needles for oily and rough skin
  • To use on stretch marks and scars
  • Stimulates new collagen
  • Free E-book included
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Why to consider dermarolling at home?

The Microneedle Roller is a useful handheld tool that can be incorporated into any anti-aging skincare routine. It is suitable to smooth wrinkles at any age.

One day you start to notice first signs of aging on the face, especially on the neck, it looks like a tiny ripples on the skin. They are usually disappear completely when the skin is stretched. Those wrinkles indicate the time when the anti-aging skincare arsenal should be put forward.

There are plenty of skin care products that work well eliminating superficial wrinkles and tighen the skin but it would never hurt to add a proven remedy. Micro needle derma roller is an effective tool that does not need any additional introduction. It is available on the market for more than a decade and proven its effectiveness.

The derma roller can be used to tighten the skin on the face, neck, chest, and other body areas. It helps to improve complexion, to give give the skin a radiant, youthful look; to correct stressed, atonic skin; to lift the face contour and diminish the second chin; to fight scars and post-acne pits; to prevent dark spots or age spots and give the skin an even tone; to normalize oil production and reduce pores.

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192 counts laser-cut microneedles

Disk Needles reduce the hazard of the needle being pulled out of the drum if accidentally caught on something. They are not easy to bend and stay sharp longer.

FAQ about microneedling

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An ergonomic handle

A durable plastic handle with an ergonomic design is made of certified clear plastic. It features an anti-slip pattern for a sturdy grip. Smooth and easy to clean.

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Quality drum's assembly

The needles are sandwiched between epoxy disks and bonded with reliable adhesive for durability. Not affected by alcohol or other disinfectants.

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