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Beard Rollers for Men | 2 times more hair in 12 weeks

Beard Roller

beard roller

Use the Beard Rollers to enhance and boost the growth of facial hair. The use of microneedle derma roller in hair re-growth is backed up by studies and its efficiency is evaluated. Read more about it in the official whitepaper - proven to increase hair density as early as 6 weeks and 2 times more in 12 weeks.

Use derma roller for the beard growth in combination with any topical, like minoxidil. For effectiveness and faster results you need to introduce the product into the upper layers of the skin, where the hair follicles are concentrated using microneedling.

If you purchase needles longer than necessary, do not worry, you will not be able to damage the skin during use, since you need to press very slightly when using the dermaroller, until the first pain symptoms appear.

When using the roller to improve beard growth, you should follow the rule: if the skin on the chin is rough, then you need to choose needles longer - 2 mm or more. If the skin is sensitive, then a length of 1.5 mm is sufficient. 1.5-2mm length fits most.

As a result of regularly performed treatments, in 99% of cases there is a significant increase in the density of the beard. In addition, thanks to the use of microneedles, you can get a decent result when using less concentrated forms of minoxidil - this is ensured by the targeted penetration of the active components of the product directly to the hair follicles.


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