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Microneedle Roller "Gold" Model
MicroNeedle Roller Titanium Gold
Microneedle Roller "Gold" Model
Microneedle Gold Roller
Dermaroller Titanium Gold

Microneedle Roller "Gold" Model

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The Microneedle Roller features:

    • 9 rows of 192 ultra-thin needles arranged in the straight pattern;
    • Titanium Oxide vapor coating has anti allergic properties and can be used by those sensitive to the nickel component of the stainless steel alloys;
    • Horizontal block’s drum for additional sturdiness;
    • Solid plastic handle with an elegant curved design;
    • Comes in a sealed box, sterilized.

Choose the roller size according to your needs and skin type. It is best to be used with professional skin care concentrates to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. It is good for improvement in overall skin complexion, the elimination of wrinkles, and face rejuvenation.