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Microneedle Roller 192 Needle Count Dermarolling Tool
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Microneedle Roller 192 Needle Count Dermarolling Tool

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The NEW SPA Microneedle Roller features:
  • 8 rows of 192 INDIVIDUAL ultra-thin stainless steel needles arranged in a criss-cross pattern;
  • Clear Plexiglas storage case;
  • Comes in sealed bag, sterilized.
Choose the roller size according to your needs and skin type. It is best to be used with professional skin care concentrates to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.  It is good for improvement in overall skin complexion, the elimination of wrinkles, and face rejuvenation.

The aging process of our skin is inevitable. It brings unwanted changes in appearance, as the decrease in collagen turnover rate causes the loss of skin elasticity. The face loses its plumpness and youthful look. NEW SPA Micro Needle or Derma rolling treatment stimulates the restoration of collagen in the skin and helps infuse the active ingredients of cosmetics into the skin.

Simple massage movements do not require professional training and are easy to perform at home. The roller is a simple mechanical tool that consists of a drum inlaid with 192 needles. When the drum rotates, the needles pierce the top skin layer providing a stimulating and rejuvenating effect.