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Microneedle Roller "Green Photon" Model

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This roller combines the effectiveness of microneedling with the benefits of the Photofacials. The added green light feature makes the collagen inductive treatment even more effective.

Green light alone has anti-inflammatory and calming properties. It helps reduce downtime after the treatment.

Dermarolling with a roller that has the additional light feature brings the treatment to a new level and brings faster rejuvenating results.


The Microneedle Roller features:

  • 8 rows of 192 ultra thin individual needles arranged in straight pattern;
  • Titanium Oxide vapor coating has anti allergic properties and can be used by those sensitive to the nickel component of the stainless steel alloys;
  • Clear colored drum enforced with 3 metal pins;
  • Solid plastic handle with rubberized grip section;
  • Green LED light that works either from battery or from the power supply (depends on the edition);
  • Clear Plexiglas protective cup for the head;
  • Comes in sealed bag, sterilized.
Choose the roller size according to your needs and skin type. It is best to be used with professional skin care concentrates to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.  It is good for improvement in overall skin complexion, the elimination of wrinkles, and face rejuvenation.